This address was given to the Senior Steward of Lodge Stirling Royal Arch No 76. on his Installation into that office on Friday the 10th of January 2003 by Installing Master Bro. James F. Fisher PM.

    The Working Tools of a Senior Steward

James F. Fisher past masterJames F. Fisher past master

Fair fa' yir honest sonsie face,

Great chieftian o the stewrdin,

The kitchens noo yir rightfull place

Spins pans and dishes,

Go thair noo,and serve hot coo

Wi oor best wishes.


Oor groanin trenchers thair yil fill,

Fur junior stuards yaid gladly kill,

This pin (holds up rolling pin) will roll oot

scones in time o need,

Ta tak this job upon yirsell

Yir aff yir heed.


His ladle see rustic labour dight, (hold up ladle)

And dish oot skink wi ready slight,

And fill oor kites on monday nicht,

While wearin kitchen ovies (hold up ladies apron)

And wi this (hold up scourer) yail sort yon feindish thing

Burnt oan stovies.


In the kitchen yil never lonely be,

Yil get a hand, fae Agnes and me,

Weil dish oot dookers, soup and tea

Ta aw asunder

And if we dinny get a help fa them, (points to office bearers)

Yil hear me roar like thunder.


But visitors yil care for maist,

Guid fayre and amber bead tae taste,

Will ha them commin back wi haist

Ta sic a dinner

And this year fur you and 76

Will be a winner.


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