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76 History

Scottish Freemasonry

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Scots and Freemasonry

by Carson C. Smith, F.S.A. Scot.

Cowans and Eavesdroppers

by B.A. Lupess

The Dundee Manuscript

The Scots Magazine 1755

Stuart Masonry

Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry

Crabbie's Green Ginger and Freemasonry

by J. S. Donaldson

Freemasonry and Early Scottish Golf History

by Neil Laird

Freemasonry in Stirlingshire and West Perthshire.

by T.W.R.Johnson PM 76

The Athole family and Freemasonry

by George M. Martin

The Foundation Stone of the Bruce Statue

June 1964

The Not-so-Secret Kirkwall Scroll

by Brian Smith

The Scottish Ancestry of Freemasonry

by Ossian Lang

John Paul Jones, Scottish Mason, American Patriot.

by William M. Stuart

Sir Walter Scott as a Freemason

by Adam M. Mackay

The Bi-Centenary of Lodge 76

May 1959

Our Predecessors - Scottish Masons about 1600

by A.C.F. Jackson

The Boswells and the Craft

by Dudley Wright

The Wallace Monument Foundation Stone

by J. S. Donaldson

The Erskines of Mar and Freemasonry

The History of Lodge 69

The Black Boxer & the Scottish Craft

by Gordon Vincent

Scottish Traditions and Masonic Usages

by Bro. Dato Dr. Peter C. Vanniasingham


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