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Masonic History

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The Bible and the Craft
by G. Duddin

The History of Freemasonry

by H.L. Haywood

The Origins of Freemasonry

by Jack Buta
King Solomon's Temple
by Alex T. Brand
The History of the Two Pillars
by W.L. Fawcette
Freemasonry from AD 1600
by W.J. Hughan
The Mark Degree
by George Draffen of Newington

Travelling Craftsmen

by E. Ellison
The Annihilation of Freemasonry
by Sven G Lunden
    The History of the Bible
by J.P.Glenie
Our Ritual - A Study in its Development
by J. Mason Allan
History and Meaning of the Apron
by J.S.M. Ward

The Evolution of the Modern Tracing Board

by Norman B. Spencer
Operative and Ancient Freemasonry
by Sir John A. Cockburn

The Mystery of the Green Dragon Tavern

by Edward M. Gair

Freemasonry, How, Whence & Whither?

The Dormer Masonic Study Circle

The Origin of our Institution and Mediaeval Masonry

by A. J. Chapman
The Masonic Mystery of Bonnie Prince Charlie
by Dr. Marsha Schuchard
Solomon, The Founder of the Temple
The Masonic Review


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